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SAVOR Brewery Profile: Uinta Brewing Company (@UintaBrewing)

Name: Uinta Brewing Company

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

: Production brewery

Available in DC Market: Yes

What you need to know: So many neat little facts about Uinta. The brewery is 100% wind-powered and also OU Kosher certified. The brewery opened in 1993 and expanded in 2001 to its current facility. Uinta makes a number of different beers, including beers in three different series, the standard series, the Four+ series, and the Crooked Line series. Uinta distributes to 20 states and the District. They’ll be bringing 2 beers from the Crooked Line series, which features higher gravity beers that are outside of normal styles.

Beer #1: Tilted Smile

Notes: Tilted Smile is “confidently balanced” with Pilsen malt and Saaz hops. At 9%, it’s a big imperial pilsener with a ton of carbonation. It starts out malty and finishes with a grassy bitterness from the Saaz.

Beer Advocate: B (35 reviews)
Rate Beer: 65 overall, 87 style

Beer #2: Labyrinth

Notes: A 13.2% imperial porter with lots of roast, coffee, chocolate, and licorice notes, the Labyrinth is aged in an oak barrels to give it another level of flavor. The imperial porter isn’t a style that’s too prevalent; most breweries tend to just go with the imperial stout. The fact that it’s oaked is also a neat addition. This should be very tasty, but will also pack a big punch.

Beer Advocate: A- (73 reviews)
Rate Beer: 99 overall, 90 style

Summary: Uinta puts out a variety of beers, and they’re bringing two interesting examples to SAVOR. The Tilted Smile hasn’t received great reviews (there aren’t a ton of imperial pilseners out there so only having an 87 in the style isn’t a good sign), so be advised about that. The Labyrinth, though, is one you should definitely try out. Licorice and oak? How can you pass up that combo?

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