Name: Tröegs Brewing Company

Location: Harrisburg, PA

Type: Production brewery

Available in DC Market?: Yes

What you need to know: Started by two brothers in 1997, Tröegs takes its name from the brothers’ last name (Trogner) and the Flemish word for pub (Kroeg). The brewery distributes largely to the mid-Atlantic  (with some exceptions, coughOhiocough) and produces nine different beers. Perhaps most well-known for their Hopback amber ale and Nugget Nectar imperial amber ale, they also produce a wide range of other beers, two of which will be at SAVOR.


Beer #1: Flying Mouflan

Notes: Fan of barleywines? I would hope you’ve already tried the Flying Mouflan, but if you haven’t, be sure to get over and try it at SAVOR. This is the 2010 GABF Gold Medal winner for barleywines, so you know it’s a good one. Tons of hops push this barleywine to 100+ IBUs, and a huge grain bill balances those hops out with flavors of dark chocolate, dark fruit, and brown sugar. Sticky, hoppy, dark, delicious, and strong (9.3%), so fly with the Mouflan, just not too often, at least at SAVOR.
BeerAdvocate Grade: A- (370 reviews)
Ratebeer Grade: 99 overall, 97 style

Beer #2: Troegenator

Notes: The Troegenator is a huge, chewy double bock that could easily be mistaken for a loaf of delicious bread if it weren’t, you know, liquid. This beer is 8.2% but hides it quite well. The rich malt isn’t marred by an alcohol burn. This beer will be paired with New York Style Cheesecake, which should pair incredibly well. The creaminess of the cheesecake will be cleansed with every sip of the double bock. Need another reason to try this one? It was the GABF Silver Medal winner this year for double bock. How’s that for creds?
BeerAdvocate Grade: B+ (815 reviews)
Ratebeer Grade: 94 overall, 92 style

Summary: Tröegs will be bringing two GABF medal winners to SAVOR this year. While you might be tempted to sleep on this brewery because they’re distributed to DC, I’d encourage you to try these two beers if you’re at all a fan of their styles. You won’t find many better examples, and they’ll have perfect food pairings to go with them.

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