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Neighborhood Beer Guides Re-launch ! More Venues ! Smartphone Integration !

We have re-launched our neighborhood beer guides, adding two dozen new locations and enhancing the map functionality. You can now find the closest DCBeer.com-recommended venues from your smartphone.

It is our pleasure to announce the re-launch of our neighborhood beer guides. We have revamped this easy-to-use and comprehensive tool to make it easier for you to find the best craft beer in the DC metro area.

Since our initial launch just over a year ago, we have added two dozen new locations. In addition to this, we have added new map functionality that allows us greater flexibility in keeping these maps current. These maps also offer several new features:

–          Pop-up links that now include our latest stories about the venue

–          Pop-up links that now include the venue’s beer list (if the venue provides it)

–          iPhone / Android integration. For Droid users, this is integrated into the native gmaps app and is NOT a web app.

–          Smartphone location awareness. Our new maps will tell you where the closest DCBeer.com-recommended venue is.

–          Search function. Someone recommend a particular venue? Use the built-in feature to find its location, see related posts, and view the beer list.

Best of all, we now have one master map for the entire DC metro area. This map has the same functionality as the neighborhood maps but includes all 100+ locations. Be sure to bookmark this on your mobile device (or keep it memorized, dcbeer.com/map, easy enough, right?).  Be sure to provide us with your feedback and suggestions for additions to the map. Are you a restaurant or bar manager with a beer list? Let us know so we can put you on the map!

· Smart phone location awareness. Our new maps will tell you the DCBeer.comrecommended venue closest to your current location.

· Search function. Someone recommend a particular venue to you? Use the built-in feature to find their location, see related posts about the venue, and see the venue’s beer list.

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