Tonight and tomorrow, ChurchKey will debut two exclusive Belgian (or Belgian-style) beers that is sure to satisfy all the abbey ale fans out there in DC craft beer world.

First, tonight, ChurchKey features a beer from local brewer Capitol City Brewing, Co.:

Long-live DC brewing. This Monday, we celebrate hometown beer crew Capitol City Brewing Company by featuring their excellent new elixir – a Belgian Abbey Ale. Not only is this fine beer exceedingly rare at 9%, but it has a storied journey to get to your glass. For three months, Capitol City let this ale mature in American Oak Barrels; barrels that once aged Woodford Reserve Bourbon. This gem has been racked into casks so that all of the ale’s textural and aromatic complexities will find full accentuation when drawn from ChurchKey’s beer engines.”

Per usual, there’s no entry fee to come in and try out this beer, you just pay for the 4 oz. sample pours or full glass pours as you go. Pouring begins at 6pm, and Capitol City folks will be on-hand to chat about the beer and hand out free glassware.

But wait, there’s more!


On Tuesday, ChurchKey will contrast the “new” beer from Monday with an exceedingly “old” beer:

“We’re thrilled to finally have Steenbrugge Abbey Tripel Ale available behind our bar because once you taste we think you’ll agree – it’s just one special brew. As lore goes, the Steenbrugge recipe was originally brewed by St. Peter’s Abbey monks in 1084. Yup, almost a thousand years ago. Today, PALM Breweries both protects this age-old formula and remains faithful to the original brewing style and recipe.”

Sounds very tasty. CK will also be serving up a number of other Belgian options to wet your whistle, including:

Rodenbach Classic – Available on draft.

Palm – Available on draft.

Boon Kriek – Available by the bottle.

Rodenbach Grand Cru – Available by the bottle.

Rodenbach Vintage – Available by the bottle.

So get on over to ChurchKey and get your Belgian fix; whether you opt for the old, or the new, we’re sure you’ll leave satisfied. Cheers!