Bourbon’s last Battle of the Cans ended with Natty Boh beating PBR. Now, in the Revenge of the Schlitz, Schlitz will take on Natty Boh for crushable easy-drinking can-in-beers supremacy. This event will take place April 4 at 6pm.

Head over to Bourbon and drink whichever beer you’re more loyal to. Be sure to look for a star on the bottom of your can, you could be the winner of a fabulous prize from Schlitz or Natty Boh!

Bourbon will be serving free snacks for you to get your nosh on while you decide between Milwaukee’s (former) Best and Baltimore’s (current) best (as far as easy-drinking beer in cans goes).

The most important part of this event is the part where you stack your empty beer cans into a pyramid to decide who is the winner. This sounds like great fun, and something that can be enjoyed by anyone between the ages of 4 and 400.

Tired of drinking all this crazy craft beer? Need a little break from hops? Well, you’re in luck. Get on down to Bourbon and bring your lightsaber for the Battle of the Schlitz!