I know what you’re thinking, loyal DC Beer reader. And it’s true: your suds correspondent spent Saturday helping the brothers Brau get tanked. No, not like that, ya lush. Tanks, as in Brite Tanks, as in 15 AND 30 barrel fermenters.

DC Brau has been busy in the New Year with several recent developments of note. On Saturday, the brewery received three 30 barrel fermenters and two 15 bbl fermenters. Monday brought another three 30 bbl fermenters and Wednesday saw the receipt of the Department of Health’s Letter of Approval.

Next Tuesday, the brothers Brau will make a trip down to the Williamsburg metro-area. Why Williamsburg? To unveil the prototype for DC Brau’s first batch of cans. Lettering, color and font all need to match the specifications of the approved design before the first production run at the Williamsburg Ball plant.

When will DC Brau’s first can-run hit shelves? Why right after their second batch of market-ready beer is done fermenting! And what’s in store for batch number one? Brau will be kegging their entire first batch. The breakout will be 75% half barrels and 25% sixtels. To keep up with the high demand, three quarters of the bars and restaurants will take halves, while another quarter of restaurants and bars will take sixtels; either because their system is retrofitted or they don’t have space for the half barrels.

We anxiously await Brau’s first batch of brew, though with the way the beer will be distributed you are likely to see it at your favorite local before you see it on shelves. We urge you, dear reader, to please be patient. It has taken over a half-century to get a production brewery back in the District, so what are a few more months?