One of the most essential and oldest styles of beer is Lambic. A beer brewed in the Brussels region of Belgium and known for its wild yeast and tart flavors.  This style is not always love at first sight for many but once one starts to appreciate and taste the subtleties of the style a true appreciation and following will emerge. Take a look at this series of posts from the Lambic Summit hosted by Shelton Brothers last year in Philadelphia, PA.

Shelton Brothers are responsible for importing many foreign beers to the U.S. Their impressive portfolio includes Cantillon, De Molen, Drie Fonteinen, Nøgne and Mikkeller just to name a few. While not widely popular, many lambic style beers are available in our area. Most notably Chruchkey and Brasserie Beck.

This series is quite long so we have taken our favorites of the twenty part series but encourage to watch the rest as they all offer great insight from leaders in the industry.

Highly educational and Highly entertaining. Enjoy