If you have yet to make it to Mad Fox Brewing Company in Falls Church,  VA, welcome to the sunlight, hope your time under the rock wasn’t too moldy. But in all seriousness, get there.

As we at dcbeer.com are frequently reminded: a brewpub is a restaurant first and a brewery second. Wait, what? Yes, technically it’s true. So let me start with the menu for this weekend, then the beer.

Sunday is the Halloween Hog Roast, which begins around noon. This hog, who died with a smile on his face after tasting some of Bill’s brew, will be barbecued all-night-long in Mad Fox’s outdoor pig pit. Needless to say our friend(s) will make an amazing sandwich.

Today, at 3 PM, Mad Fox puts on their Autumnus IPA, served on draught. This India Pale Ale is a mighty one measured at 17° Plato (this means a double, for those Plato-impaired, somewhere between 6 and 8 % ABV). Plato is a measurement/ratio of fermentable malts to water. To round out all the fermentables, Autumnus was dry-hopped with Centennial hops.

Autumnus is a follow up to the already-out Snap IPA, also on draught. The third in the series, Orange Whip, will be released next weekend. Each IPA brings its own unique “hoppiness” to the equation with the classic trilogy of bitter, earthy (also identified as strong or oily) and citrusy. The Snap IPA demonstrates a classic bitter taste, the Autumnus will showcase the wonderful oils and earthen flavors of the centennial hop and the Orange Whip will demonstrate great citrus nuances produced by the Citra hop.


For those who favor “real ale” a cask of Autumnus will be featured on Sunday at 2 PM. Be sure to get there promptly as Mad Fox’s previous “Drain the Firkin” event lasted all of 37 minutes.

As always, pricing includes $2 off draught and cask pints from 3-7 PM seven days a week.