The informal alliance, brainchild of Chris O’Brien (assembled here by Tom Cizauskas), known as the Chesapeake Region’s Alliance of Beer Bloggers has been up to its old dastardly tricks again. It has been providing too much brew news, perspectives and opinion in an incredibly timely fashion.

Baltimore beer has some good info about upcoming events during Baltimore Beer week. We’re pumped for the event taking place Wednesday, October 13th. So far your Baltimore Beer Guy has had the drop on all events taking place on the 13th…be it Friday, or Wednesday.

Tom C. informs us of where to go in order to trade “geeky rambunctiousness” for “Gemütlichkeit.” Hmm. I knew something was missing from DC Beer Week. Lager on, Tom!

Beer Activist Chris O’Brien has some great news for those who homebrewers brewing organically. We at DC Beer have been wondering when a legitimate organic homebrew competition would come to town and lo and behold! Also, just to make those of you sustainable-focused folks out there a bit jealous, we’ve included his post about his installment of solar panels. Very impressive stuff if we do say so ourselves. Anybody know if they have a “Slumlord” section of renewable options? Specifically for those property owners kind enough to rent out their flooded, moldy basement-apartment?

Beer in Baltimore columnist Alexander D. Mitchell IV has a nice plug for the Brewer’s Art beer dinner tomorrow.


Check out Charles “Chuck” Cook for all things Belgian, he will not let you down. Readership need look no further than this comprehensive article on Belgium’s “new” farmhouse breweries. We here at dcbeer love the notion of a farmer, Andre Jansssens, opening a brewery to offset the farmer’s lowly income. “But I knew I couldn’t make a living just by farming, so I opened the brewery in May 2009. A brewing engineer from the brewing school at Leuven helped, and created the recipes.”

Beer in not to be confused with Beer in Baltimore, has an informative piece up about the “Channel Crossing” collaboration between Oliver Ale head brewer Steve Jones and Stillwater brewer/owner Brian Strumke.

Beltway Beer has blogged a beery way through a slew of delicious and often hard to find beers…only to find a trail of casks in his wake.

HolzBrew has a nice article on the differences (and potential lack of difference) between Stouts and Porters. “Every year inevitably a brewer at the Great American Beer Fest, wins a medal in one of the Stout categories and the brewer themselves describe the beer as a porter.” The Dude reminds us, and we abide, “keep it dark and roasty.

It is with a bitter-sweet sense of excitement that we wish dcbeer veteran and first female writer/editor, Deverie and her fiancé Jared, MUCH success on their Great American Road Trip. They will be sorely missed and an amazing addition to the left coast.

Musings over a pint joined Blue Mountain Brewery for their Annual Hop Picking Day. The joys and merits of hop-picking were well known to working-class Londoners who hurried to the hop fields for a working vacation. Hopefully many of you were able to take off the first Monday of this month for a very worthwhile “working vacation.”

Our good friend and designer downriver Eric, of Relentless Thirst, has been doing his share of coverage of beers in Virginia’s neighboring state of North Carolina. He’s got a great write up of the acclaimed Bruisin’ Ales in Ashville. For those of you checking out our new logo, props are due to Eric for his design.

Lastly, much love goes out to our honorary members and our member on hiatus. Honorary: Rob Kasper and Heavy Seas Founder Hugh Sisson. Hiatus: Beer Hiaku.