So If you are like me, you’re usually too lazy to plan your weekend for fear it might resemble something moderately productive. With that in mind, I have taken the liberty of mapping out the weekend for you. This rain has cooled it down a bit, so get out and enjoy the weather. Enjoy the weather, meaning drink craft beer with friends.

Friday – Proceed from work directly to Pizza Paradiso Dupont for Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout. This one won’t last long, and we couldn’t dream up a better excuse cut out of work early and bypass the usual chit chat on the way out the door.

Once you’ve had your fill of CBS, assuming that’s possible, head over to The Black Squirrel for some more sessionable beer from New Belgium. While there, why not try the new Bison burger stuffed with brie and wrapped in Smithfield Ham, and work your way into a self-induced food coma for the cab ride home.

Saturday – It wouldn’t hurt you take a day off ya lush.

Sunday – Head over to Justin’s Cafe for pre-Strasburgh beers just a couple blocks away from Nationals Park. After watching Strasburgh pitch a perfect game and hit three home runs, spend the rest of the day planning your attack of DC restaurant week.