Monday, August 23rd, during DC Beer Week, Breadsoda and will bring you Opposite Day! The good folks over at Breadsoda have been kind enough to offer a free second glass (8 oz) with your purchase of a pint. What does Opposite Day look like? Opposite Day looks like a tall blonde Bell’s Oberon, followed by a shorter, stouter, ruggedly dark and handsome Guinness (your beer’s opposite!). It looks like a pint of your favorite beer chased by a FREE 8 oz pour of that beer’s opposite! What other dastardly opposite combinations will flow on the 23rd? You’ll have to show up to find out (but don’t do the opposite of that and miss out!)

This event will be’s third tweetup. As they say, the third time is the charm, and we’re hoping to turn it on for all you craft beer and homebrew lovers. @DCBeer contributors @beermadeclear, @billdebeer, @drinkrealbeer and @hurrabier will be at Breadsoda with homebrew for trade. While certain laws prohibit us from popping all kinds of #homebrew bottles, we are more than happy to barter our IPA, Wit and Scotch Ale, and the best part is we’ll take whatever you got in return! On a normal day, you’d be all alone with three bottles of your own brew, but on this very special Opposite Day you can bring three bottles of your homebrew and wind up with three completely different bottles!

Breadsoda is located at 2233 Wisconsin Ave, NW Washington, DC 20007. will see you there.

photo credit: banner image was borrowed from Breadsoda’s website –