Sounds of construction fill the air around Fort Lincoln, as a new brewery excitedly prepares to move in. DC Brau, a startup brewery with a passion for all things local, is moving in to a 6,112 square foot facility on Bladensburg Road starting August 1. With their brew system on its way in the coming weeks, this is an exciting time for craft brewing in DC.

Though the District has not been home to a production brewery since 1956, founders Jeff Hancock and Brandon Skall are eager to bring locally brewed craft beer to Washington. They plan to first begin production on their Public Ale, a Pale Ale brewed with domestically grown noble variety hops.  The anticipated release date for their first beer is January of this year.

Community focus will echo in their plans for expansion beers including a Citizen Ale, a Belgian-style Pale Ale, and Corruption Ale, an India Pale Ale. Indeed, local is the name of their game. Head Brewer Jeff Hancock, prior to DC Brau, brewed at Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, Maryland.

Four seasonal release beers are also part of their production plan, with names for the different neighborhoods across the District.

Brandon Skall, DC Brau’s CEO and Manager, expounded on their passion for the City, saying, “DC is special in that it is the political hub of the nation. While we don’t want to choose sides, we can’t imagine ignoring politics altogether. DC Statehood is one issue we’d like to shed light upon, and we plan on incorporating this into our packaging and our identity. We are not trying to say something is right or wrong. It is something that everyone who resides here is affected by, and can identify with.”


Bringing a new brewery to market is no small task.  And while they realize the challenge that lies before them, they believe that collaboration with the local beer community will see them through.

“We all need to work to build this market together. DC is a great beer town. One that will support all of us if we just learn to support one another from the beginning,” says Brandon Skall.