So, you still haven’t had a chance to get any of the newly re-released Tuppers’ Hop Pocket? Well tonight you may be in luck.

DCBeer just got word from Bob Tupper himself that Hard Times Café in Bethesda will be offering a special “stealth sixtel” of Tuppers’ Hop Pocket tonight. There will be no sign, tap handle, or reference on the menu. You must ask for it by name in order to get a pint.

“If you’ve been looking for Tuppers’ draft in Maryland you’ve been mostly disappointed. It’s gone. And there won’t be any more for weeks. We absolutely refuse to shorten the process in order to increase production.“ – Bob Tupper

You gotta love Bob’s persistence about production. While supplies our scarce, one can still appreciate that type of dedication to the craft. After all its why we are all here!

Enjoy !

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