belgaStarting tonight Belga Cafe will be offering a special beer pairing menu until November 25th.

The four course meal starts with White asparagus with poached egg, baby grey shrimp and mousseline sauce paired with a Palm draft, a Belgian pale ale. Next you get green pea soup with bacon and croutons and a glass of Chimay White, Belgian style Tripel. For the main course they are serving slow cooked rabbit roulade, young veggies, prune compote, bacon and Rodenbach red ale sauce paired with Straffe Hendrik (although they don’t specify I’d hope its the Bruin or Zot Dubbel). For desert you’ll get to enjoy a rice pudding tart with Corsendonk Christmas Beer ice cream and Armagnac prunes. The desert will be served with Corsendonk Christmas draft naturally.

All this goes for $59 a person and will only be available between Nov. 18 and Nov. 25. Belga Cafe is located on Capitol Hill at 514 8th Street, SE. Call 202 544 0100 to make a reservation.