Sure you can get off the metro at Columbia Heights and make a b-line directly for the British Gastropub Commonwealth, but perhaps as you’ve done that so many times in the past you’ve noticed a little pizzeria next door? That’s Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza that you are walking by, and you probably should stop in. Why? Don’t let their wine glass sporting logo fool you, they’ve got great beer to accompany their tasty slices.

Pete’s Apizza makes quality thin crust style (but not like that cracker thin crust) that tries focus on quality toppings rather than overloading the soft slice. The house specialty is the New Haven style from which the pizzeria takes its inspiration. It has white clams, lots of garlic, olive oil and parmesan cheese. No red sauce just lots of garlic and seafood goodness–and the only specialty pizza you can purchase by the slice. According to Pete’s general manager Dominic, New Haven Connecticut has a huge immigrant population from the Neapolitan region of Italy and thus has a big pizza tradition. I thought the New Haven style was a nice blend of Italian street food with the New England favorite: clam chowder.

Pepperoni Pizza and Scotch Ale

I paired my slice of pepperoni and my slice of New Haven with Founder’s Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale because I thought it would be tough enough for the pepperoni. I was a little worried the New Haven’s seafood focus wouldn’t be able to stand up to the malty big beer, but the focus on garlic made the pizza intense enough to go just fine with most big beers. I’d even recommend an IPA with this one even though most seafood pizza’s should probably be pair with an Eggenburg Pils or some other lighter lager.

Pizza Oven


Currently the Pete’s Apizza has Founders Dirty Bastard, Bell’s Oktoberfest, Morretti and Lagunitas IPA on draft. Bottles include Founder’s Breakfast Stout, Bear Republic Hot Rod Rye, New Holland Full Circle, New Holland Golden Cap Saison, Weihanstephaner Heffe-Weiss, Hofbrau Original, and Bell’s Two Hearted.