I’ve seen the excitement all over twitter–the date is a crazy alignment of numbers! What will happen next? Well, who cares because even if some bizarre world ending event does occur due to this strange date, you will probably be at Rocket Bar tonight drinking Magic Hat #9.

That’s right Magic Hat has taken it upon themselves to throw a bunch of #9 parties all over the country. In DC, it’s at Rocket Bar which is in the Gallery Place part of town. The first 99 people through the door get a Magic Hat #9 T-shirt. You get 3 Magic Hat #9s for $9. Raffles for iPod shuffles, a bike and more will also take place on minutes ending in 9.

Rocket Bar has 12 taps with a few good beers on them including #9 and Dogfish Head 60 Min. It’s a pool hall with shuffle board, skeeball, darts, and that punching bag game. Door open at 7 PM so get there if you want your t-shirt.

Try this Facebook link to rsvp although I don’t think it’s required…