Let’s face it – for all practical purposes, summer is behind us. The hefes and summer ales will soon be replaced by darker lagers and seasonal Oktoberfests.  The Rustico “Dogfish Head Dog Days of Summer†glassware event on Tuesday, September 1, ushered in the new season with a handful of Dogfish staples, as well as the seasonal favorite Punkin Ale.

The full lineup included; Burton Baton, a blend of 90 Minute IPA and an oak aged English Old Ale; Sah’Tea, a 9th century Finnish proto-beer with rye and caramelized malt; Theobroma, an ancient Honduran chocolate beer; and the Punkin Ale, a brown ale with pumpkin and cinnamon. Rustico glassware events always draw a crowd bringing out area beer lovers.

As if the free glassware wasn’t enough to lure you in, these events also provide patrons with the opportunity to socialize with the Dogfish team and staff.

Stayed Tuned for more Rustico and Neighborhood Restaurant Group details as DCBEER.COM sits down with the NRG Beer Director, Greg Engert, for some exclusive details that we aren’t letting go of just yet.

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