We hear a lot of claims in the beer world, but Bryan Roth is here to set things straight, especially when it comes to the hard seltzer vs beer debate and how promiscuous American drinkers can be. Jake sits down with Bryan, director of North American Guild of Beer Writers and writer for Good Beer Hunting.

Jake and Bryan discuss the upcoming domestic challengers to Guinness as St. Patty’s Day approaches, the mind of the craft beer drinkers, how Americans can’t stick to just one type of alcohol, if hard seltzers are beating beer in the market share competition, and where is all the hard cider?? Lastly, we end with some hopeful answers and discuss why craft beer is so meaningful. 

Brandy also comes to us live from Silver Branch Brewing with Brett Robinson to say goodbye to an old favorite and hello to a new release, Dr. Juicy, the beer voted in by the people. 

In other news, we want you to take a roadtrip with us! Travel with us to the Maryland Craft Beer Festival. Get tickets, transportation, and more all right here. Brandy, Jake, and Mike also give details on Silver Branch’s and Red Bear’s upcoming anniversary events and beer releases that you don’t want to miss this weekend.  

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