50 episodes ago, beloved hosts Brandy, Jake, and Mike took the microphones and relaunched the DC Beer Show. Since then, it’s fair to say that the DC Beer scene has gone through a lot 一 a global pandemic, fighting to keep each other safe while keeping our businesses afloat, and confronting discrimination in our local industry 一  it hasn’t been easy. But together, we’ve overcome much. And in this episode, we celebrate!

The gang comes to you live, in-person, TOGETHER from The Dew Drop Inn, the site of the historic Chocolate City Brewing Company, the first black-owned brewery in D.C. We reminisce on the milestones of DC’s beer scene over the last two years, have a surprise guest appearance from the DC Beer Daddy himself, revel in delicious in-person pints, and let you know what you should be most excited about in the near future of DC beer.

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