Brandy was roaming the Maryland Beer Festival when she overheard people raving about an Italian pilsner. She followed them to Landmade Brewing’s tent, the DC Beer Crew tasted the pilsner, and it quickly became the favorite beer of the day. 

Landmade Brewing opened six months ago and completely flew under our radar! So today, Brandy sits down with owner Gabe Scott and head brewers Matt and Kyle to hear the story of how these three came together to start Landmade on a farm in Poolesville.

They talk beer porn to us, sharing why Landmade is focused on making amazing lagers, how they dabble in crafting smoked beers, and why local agriculture is so important to the brewery.

In other news, Mike and Brandy share exciting news about Snallygaster (woop woop!) and why you should seek out the brewery tents you’ve never heard of when at festivals. Then, they give updates on brewery staffing, share their favorite summer saisons they’re drinking, and cheers to Jake who is enjoying a much deserved beach vacation.

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