For a lot of us at DC Beer, there’s nothing like finishing up the work week, heading to the local brewery for a fine brown ale, and headbanging to your local favorite heavy metal band. Years ago, the DIY metal scene of DC was looking for a place that metal fans could call home. Where did they find it? DC’s beer scene.

The DC Beer ecosystem goes far beyond the brewers and taprooms. In this episode, the DC Beer Crew talks with Metal Chris, founder of, to hear the story of how DC breweries became the haven for heavy metal fans to gather under the common love of heavy riffs.  

In other news…well, there’s bad news. But there’s also good news! We share both, tell you which beer events you should hit this next week, and cheers the DC Beer community for all the highs and lows it’s currently experiencing. We’re also joined by beloved Jordan Harvey, DC Beer’s own Man-About-Town, for some fun shenanigans. 

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