It’s been one year since lockdown started. But Jacob, Brandy, and Mike don’t dwell on this today. Instead, they tell us about several DMV breweries celebrating anniversaries that are worth pouring many delicious, overflowing pints.  

Mike then sits down with Jeff Ramirez, Chief Beer Officer at Denizens Brewing. Jeff takes us to the German-Austrian countryside, a place nestled at the foot of the Alps. Since we can’t actually be there, Denizens is bringing it to us through the Hike The Alps series. Jeff shares the inspiration behind Hike The Alps, reminisces on old travel days during his brewing education, and reveals the first beer of the series and the role he hopes it will play in the DMV.  

You can grab the first beer in the Hike The Alps series at Denizens Brewing starting on March 12th. 

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