The DC Beer Show heads to Ocelot Brewing Company for this episode. Adam and Richard visit with Adrien Widman, owner and founder. Previously an IT guy, Adrien began brewing beer after a trip to San Diego where he got hooked on craft beer.

Adrien Widman of Ocelot Brewing Company
Adrien Widman of Ocelot Brewing Company

Ocelot Brewing Company is a 15-barrel brewhouse and unlike a lot of other breweries, it does not have a flagship beer. Rather, Ocelot is known for its special and unique IPA and Pilsner beers. Adrien explains why he decided to not have a flagship beer and the advantages that come from this decision.

Ocelot Brewing’s Phishy Relationship

Adrien shares with The Brew Daddies where the name ‘Ocelot’ came from as well as how he goes about naming a majority of his beer. He mentions that he and his staff are quickly running out of ideas after naming more than 270+; Richard and Adam give Adrien ideas for upcoming beers and his unnamed Saison.

Pinball and Beer

Ocelot has a large taproom and an arcade area with several pinball machines, and more on the way. They enjoy hosting concerts and this fall they will be hosting a Pinball League for local residents. For details on upcoming events and pinball games, make sure to check out their website.