DC Beer September 2023 Beer Share

Well, it was only a matter of time. In spite of our best efforts we had our own "Integration Test Email #1" moment this morning. Sorry to have spammed your inboxes, twice, but below is the correct date time and location for DC Beer's September beer share at Right Proper Brookland. We just don't want anyone showing up to the wrong brewery. Thanks for your patience and understanding regarding the glitch in our Matrix, and please bear with us as we work to ensure this doesn't happen again.



Sunday, September 10th, 2023
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Right Proper Brookland

920 Girard St NE,
Washington, DC 20017

Our monthly beer share is Sunday!

If you didn't catch our September newsletter, or it just slipped through the cracks, no worries. We wanted to send a friendly reminder to reserve your spot before space and time run out.

Right Proper Brookland is hosting our September beer share, so don't miss out. If you can't make it, we'll see you in October (location TBD).

In order to give the host an accurate headcount and to assure we have enough room, we ask that you RSVP. We always say the more the merrier, but if everyone just shows up without letting us know first, we may have to turn folks away due to space constraints. Space is legit limited. 

We know you all understand, so we won't keep blabbing about it. SOOO...if you are planning on attending the share at Right Proper on Sunday, September 10th, RSVP here👇.

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Beer Share Rules:

  • DO NOT drink and drive. Take Metro or have someone else drive.
  • If you are sick, stay home. Join us at the next share!
  • Be good to everyone. DC Beer reserves the right to eject anyone who
    treats others disrespectfully.
  • Everyone should bring beer to share, but please bring only as much as
    you think you'll drink.
    This ensures none will go to waste, and the
    host isn't left with a ton of leftover beer.
  • To thank our ever-so-kind brewery host, we STRONGLY encourage
    attendees to purchase food from the food vendor and pints or to-go
    cans from the brewery.
    To keep this a free event, we must provide
    proper compensation and support in other ways.
  • There will be a Beer Swap table, so you may bring extra beer to trade,
    swap, or give away!
  • Attendees waive any liability on the part of DC Beer, the host, or
    Junto Media LLC
    ; and otherwise hold them blameless for any accidents,
    injuries, or harm that may occur during the travel to and from the
    Beer Share, as well as during time spent at the Beer Share.

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