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Happy New Year DC Beer Fam,

Farewell to 2022 and a warm welcome to 2023! We hope each of you have had a festive and restful holiday season filled with beer, beer, and more beer. In case you missed the final beer happenings of 2022 or the latest brew news, you can check out DC Beer's last month of articles below. 

From new beer releases to new brewery collaborations, we are excited for 2023. Notwithstanding any New Year resolutions, be sure to check out your favorite DMV breweries and beer shops. As you're well aware, subscribing to our newsletter (and encouraging your friends to subscribe as well) allows you to stay in the loop on the various Beer Happenings to come and helps us grow the DC beer community. Happy 2023!

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🖤 – Jordan & the rest of the DC Beer crew


📰 In Case You Missed It

Dry January: Port City’s Non-Alcoholic Hoppy Seltzer, Hopwell
Port City's new non-alcoholic seltzer, Hopwell, released in time for Dry January. The first brewery inside the Beltway to release a non-alcoholic canned drink. Read more.
2022 Beer in Review
What beer did you love drinking over the past twelve months? Each year, that’s the question I ask the people who make or curate my favorite beers. For the 2022… Read more.
SAVOR Calls it Quits
DC Beer has learned that after 14 years in DC, at 3 locations, SAVOR is done. Read more.
8 Beers for 8 Crazy Nights
8 nights of Hanukkah, 8 beers from DC and Maryland breweries. Read more.
Screaming Into the Void: December 2022
Screaming Into the Void is your monthly beer news roundup. Read more.

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