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Capitalism: The Game Show – A Comedy Competition Where GDP Meets LOL

City-State Brewing 705 Edgewood St NE, Washington, DC

You’ve heard of Wheel of Fortune, The Price Is Right and Who Wants to Be A Millionaire. All beloved game shows based on one principal: having a lot of money and stuff is great and makes your life better. But none of these televised cash grabs really get at the heart of what makes our society tick. So we […]


We Lager Our Lagers

Port City Brewing Company 3950 Wheeler Ave, Alexandria, VA

At Port City we take our Lagers seriously, so much so that we have an entire series dedicated to Lagers! When we first debuted our Lager Series in 2017, we opened with the Helles Lager, which quickly became a fan favorite. It is only fitting that for this year’s Helles release weekend, we throw a […]

BrewWorks Festival

Join us for a fun day at the Workhouse Arts Center sampling microbrews, cider, wine, and spirits! Enjoy delicious food and lawn games, while listening to local bands throughout the day. While on campus browse the Workhouse galleries, artist studios, gift shop and Lucy Burns Museum. This year’s event will showcase approximately 15 local breweries, […]

$5 – $75

Crooked Run Fermentation’s Propagation Festival

Crooked Run presents the third annual Propagation Festival will take place at the Autoshop in DC’s Union Market and feature 20+ beer, wine, and cider makers with a focus on old school styles, lagers, and mixed fermentation beers. There will be live music by local DJs and a special food menu will also be available. […]

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