September 25 @ 4:00 pm 6:30 pm

We invite you to meet and connect with some of the Black Brewers of DC, Maryland and Virginia for DC Beer Week!
About this event

Black Brew Movement, metrobar & Craft Beer Cellar DC invite you to meet and connect with some of the Black Brewers of DC, Maryland and Virginia. This is not a panel discussion, but rather a chance for the free flow of conversation. Ask them questions, and they in turn may ask you questions. Sure, you can talk about the beer, but we hope you’ll go beyond the liquid to have meaningful conversations and connections. What is their background? How did beer become a passion and then a business for them? Where do they find inspiration for the beers and styles they brew? What are some challenges they face? What are their goals? Have they seen an improvement in diversity, equity and inclusion in the craft beer industry in the last few years and what work still needs to be done?

Guests will be divided into groups for this event. Presenters will rotate tables every 15-20 minutes, so you’ll get a chance to meet each one.

metrobar will have beer from each of the represented beer brands on the menu for you to purchase, along with food trucks.

Admission is FREE, however, we ask that you register in advance so that we have an idea of how many people will be attending and can plan and staff accordingly.


Please note that this event is at metrobar, located at 640 Rhode Island Ave NE, on Sunday, Sept. 25 from 4-6:30pm. Craft Beer Cellar DC will be closing at 3pm to attend the event.

Eamoni Collier, a Native Washingtonian, is the Founder/CEO of Urban Garden Brewing. She first made her mark on the DC craft beer scene by combining her music and art with beer and curating events highlighting craft beer and local artists. A true radical, she challenges the status quo and advocates for diversity and inclusion in the industry. She applies her love for people, expansive knowledge and passion for craft beer to provide wholesome experiences through her creative recipes.

Husband and wife Andrew and Jasmine Dill want to help move the needle for a more diverse representation in the craft beer sector across the county and the world. Liquid Intrusion Brewing will be Prince George’s County’s first Black-owned brewery.

Leon Harris is an Assistant Brewer at Port City Brewing Company and has been in the beer industry for 10 years. He just graduated from Auburn University with a certificate in Brewing Science and Technology. His favorite Virginia beers are Port City Integral IPA, Solace Partly Cloudy and Ocelot Flip It Schwarzbier.

Located in Waldorf, MD, Patuxent Brewing Company is the only local Black-owned beer company to have a brick-and-mortar location and is Charles County’s first brewery. Eugene Lott is the Co-owner and Taproom Manager, and as a fun fact, every bench, table and keg top for seating in the taproom were made by the co-owners.

Sankofa Beer Company, is a Washington, DC based producer and distributor of premium craft beer, inspired by the founders’ connection to West Africa. SANKOFA (San-Koh-Fa) is a word from the Ashanti/Akan people in Ghana and translates to “Go back and get”. Sankofa is a symbol for the understanding that in order to ensure a strong future you must return to collect and understand your past. This understanding resonates with the company and has truly inspired us as we write the story for Sankofa Beer. Kofi Meroe has lived in Washington, DC since 2012. Born in the United States and raised mostly between Nigeria and Ghana, Kofi’s eclectic interests are brought to light in the Sankofa Beer recipes that he creates. When he’s not experimenting with beer, he’s focusing his passion for business and entrepreneurship, working to build a sustainable craft beer brand that will make a statement.

Courtney Rominiyi is one of 4 co-founders of Black Brew Movement, an organization that aims to connect Black American culture with craft beer through educational events, industry consultation, and marketing. Their mission is to educate Black Americans and all people about the many opportunities available within the craft beer industry.

Joyhound Beer Company is Black-owned premium craft beer brand from Baltimore MD. Brewer and founder Alfred Rotimi who combines his passion for flavor with his scientific background to craft and finely tune all of our recipes. Joyhound beer is available in the Baltimore-Washington DC metro.

Black Viking Brewing is Montgomery County, Maryland’s first and only Black-owned beer company. Founded in 2020 by Jamil Raoof and Shaun Taylor, Black Viking is on a mission to create a diverse community of beer drinkers where everyone is welcome, and where the warrior spirit is celebrated…one brew at a time! ‘Zingabier’ – a deliciously drinkable golden ale, brewed with zesty ginger and wildflower honey – has been dubbed by people far and wide as “The World’s Most Drinkable Beer”. Cheers II The Culture!