Emotion Witch is made up of vocalist and songwriter, Sarah Leigh, accompanied by Andrew Pendergast, of Trashboat and the Ambush, on keys. Sarah has been writing and performing since she was a child. She moved from SC to the DMV area in 2010 and entered the DC music scene in 2015. She was the lead vocalist for Sorry Carly from 2017-2018. She has also performed as a backup vocalist for several prominent local artists.
She began her project as Emotion Witch during the pandemic, where she produced two very eclectic EPs. The first EP received a rave review from Divid and Conquer music. Several tracks from those EPs plus some unreleased tracks will make up the soundtrack to an upcoming animated series called Brides that will be featured on Paramount Plus. There will also be a track featured on the upcoming film Smack. She and Andrew Pendergast are now working on a new project that will be touring across the Southeast in months to come. Their sound ranges from Pop/Rock to Neo Soul as well as Classic Folk. Her music can be found on all streaming platforms.
Emotion Witch music, as the name implies, is meant to elicit strong emotions from the listener. So get ready to feel something.