Forbidden Planet has been on Bluejacket‘s menu since the brewery opened in 2013. Born as a Kolsch-style beer, a German style of beer brewed in Cologne, and now called a blond ale, this beer has the refinement of an old-world Kolsch with the floral fragrance of wildflowers.

The composition of this beer is a testament to the brewing prowess of Bluejacket to smash tons of taste into a small beer. At 4.2 % alcohol by volume, this beer is the same size as Bud Light and Miller Lite. I’ll take this over those any day of the week, not just for flavor but for the economic impact of keeping dollars in the district.

The massive amount of dry hops in the beer push its balance towards bitter, which is counterintuitive when the wafting aroma wallops off its rocky white head. There was a time in brewing when we thought dry hopping didn’t contribute any bitterness, but thanks to scientific study we know that’s not true. The beauty of this beer is the pleasing bitterness, a combination of bitter, dry, and an aromatic palate fullness on the first sip which gives way to digestibility in the finish.

It’s available on draught at Bluejacket and will run you $6 a pint or $12 a 4 pack.