Welcome to a new segment we're going to try to complete weekly. In an amazing burst of creativity, we're calling it What We're Drinking, until we find something better. Anyway, every week, DCBeer staff members will tell you about the beer highlights they had from the previous week. Have a highlight from the last week? Let us know what it was via editor@dcbeer.com, and you might just find your post in another new segment, which is aptly named What You're Drinking.

Chris Van Orden, Co-Editor

Early Saturday afternoon, I was in the market for a simple, straightforward beer.  An old friend had organized a brewery tour as a surprise birthday party for her husband, and we were at the first of several stops, Denizens. I scanned the menu for something that I could easily put down quickly, anything sub-5% ABV and relatively balanced – bingo, a Czech pils. Born Bohemian was true to style, and I mean that in the best way. Saaz hops all the way through, softer body and bitterness, and subtly sweet pils malt, just what the day called for. Bonus points for craft lager.
Paul Josuns, Staff Writer
I spent the entire day Saturday with out-of-towners as a tourist. We went from a White House tour, to brunch, through the Mall, to the sculpture garden, then back to the Kennedy Center, before swinging back up to Adams Morgan for dinner. I have no idea how far we walked, but it was a beautiful day spent outside and I, like Chris, wanted a easy-drinking beer to enjoy with my friends and dinner.  I decided on Champion Killer Kolsch. This beer is crisp and nicely dry, but it still has enough noble hop character to keep it interesting through the entire glass. I'd typically try a few different beers on the menu, but this hit the spot just right, so I went back for more – as I will again and again.
Jake Berg, Staff Writer

On the rare March day that acted like spring, I decided to celebrate with a seasonally appropriate beer, Sun King's Sunlight Cream Ale. Intermittently available in DC, it's an excellent craft take on an ignored style. Crisp, smooth, and easy drinking, this is one for people who say they want their beer to "taste like beer." 
Bill DeBaun, Co-Editor
Unlike my colleagues, I did not spend all weekend drinking super crushable (hash tag crushable hash tag bro) beers. I made my way down to Bluejacket on Saturday night (pro tip: if your friend drops a glass in a bar, do not start an "asshole!" chant accompanied by the Florida Gators hand chomp motion. Everyone in the bar except your three friends will think you're an insufferable asshole, and they'll be right!). I got a chance to try out the Red Wine Barrel-Aged Cherry Trouble. There's a ton going on with this beer. The base is a sour brown that is then aged in a Syrah barrel for ten months. From there it was rested in a stainless steel tank for three months on top of 450 pounds of Bing cherries. This is an intense oud bruin. Far from the delicate SweetTart notes you'd find in a Rodenbach, this starts off with an intense, piquant tart note before moving into fresh cherries and then finishing with a caramel and toffee malt note that helps to reset your palate from the tang. The sour definitely made my mouth water. When I was done putting my mouth through the wringer, I went back to my favorite beer in the District: Lost Weekend, an all-Citra IPA.