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Guess the Amount of Brau Sold on Sunday, Win Prizes

Here’s a fun little side game to play while you’re celebrating DC Brau’s First Birthday this Sunday at Meridian Pint.

You see, last year during the DC Brau launch, Meridian Pint ringleaders Tim Prendergast and Drew Swift bet on how much beer from the fledgling brewery would be sold.

Here’s the back story from Prendergast:

Last year we took delivery on 15 half barrels of Public the day of the anniversary thinking that that would be an excessive amount of beer to have on hand. Well, as you know we went through 15 half barrels or 232.5 gallons of beer in 6 hours before we ran out. That’s roughly 1800 pints, which works out to 300 pints an hour or 5 pints a minute. That last number I find incredible. I just went through the inventory and we have 35 Half bbls, 17 sixtels and 4 pins that represent 20 different DC Brau products.That’s 646.5 Gallons of beer, or the equivalent of almost 42 half bbls.

So they want to let #dcbrews in on the guessing action. Folks can tweet their best guesses of how many gallons of beer will be sold at Meridian Pint after 4pm on Sunday (when the party kicks off). Do this by tweeting at @meridianpint and adding in the hashtag #dcbrau1year. MP plays by The Price is Right rules, so the closest guess without going over to the actual number of gallons sold will win. What will they win, you ask? How about a $50 gift certificate to Meridian Pint and a $50 gift certificate to DC Brau? Sounds good to me.

The winner will be announced on Monday after the Pint has time to go through sales and determine the actual volume of DC Brau sold. In the event of a tie they will randomly pick a winner from the pool of correct guesses.

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