This is the time of year we like to look back on some of best beer writing in the Washington DC area beer scene. These are just a few of some of our favorite posts from 2011; they’re either the posts we had the most fun writing or reading from our beer colleagues in the area.

Without further ado, let’s get to it. In no particular order.

Six Brewers, Six Questions

Our interview series, “Six Brewers, Six Questions” highlighted the various brewing styles and backgrounds of our local brewers.  Perhaps we will repeat this series in 2012…or expand it?

A Bootleg Up: How Lax Import Regulations Made D.C. A Craft Beer Haven


Washington City Paper beer blogger Tammy Tuck looks at craft beer importing and DC’s unique distribution laws.

From Blank to Brewery: The Continuing Journey of 3 Stars Brewing Co.

Nick Rakowski takes a closer look at the progress of 3 Stars Brewing Company and how one simple beer flipped the switch on starting a production brewery.

How ChurchKey keeps it clean

Here is what happens at ChurchKey every morning. Procuring world class beer is only half the effort. Take a look at the extraordinary lengths the ChurchKey staff goes to keep the lines as clean as possible.

On Beer Snobbery

Jake Berg takes a moment to vent about several unfortunate cases of beer snobbery.

A-B Buys Goose Island, Sky Immediately Begins to Fall(?)

Bill DeBaun suggests the world isn’t ending when Anheusuer-Busch buys craft beer patriarch Goose Island.

D.C. Beer: The Invasion Has Begun

DCist beer writer John Fleury captures the sentiment of many and suggests the DC craft beer race to the top is more of an invasion.

“What we can learn from the wine expert’s perspective on Craft Beer.” —Guest blogger

Tom Cizauskas teamed up with local beer manager and blogger Nick Anderson to post this must read for those new to beer or wine.

Welcome to DC ( Brau )


“Welcome to DC. We make beer,” says Jake Berg. A fitting message for DC’s craft beer scene in 2011.