photo credit: iandavid

You remember that friend you had in college that starting partying several hours BEFORE everyone else? Sure you do. He was the type who often kicked down doors to announce his presence at the party.

Six Point is that kind of friend, and they have just kicked down the District’s door. Next week, Six Point will be celebrating their DC launch with a total of 32 different beers featured at over a dozen venues throughout the District. Seriously? 32 beers? Who does that?

On Monday, we will be telling you when and where everything is going down. But for now, let’s get more familiar with Six Point. Based in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY, Six Point Craft Ale was founded in 2005 in an 800 square foot garage. Their growth is a testament that focusing on brewing creative beers should always come first. The rest seems to have taken care of itself for Six Point. This, of course, coming from a blogger who hasn’t priced a canning line, real estate, or new tanks.


Six Point is fairly limited in terms of distribution and currently only distributes within New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Philadelphia. Entering the DC market speaks volumes about our city’s appreciation and support for craft beer. Here is a quick look at what will be available next week:

John Dory Oyster Stout (American Stout) – This is a collaboration of sorts with the John Dory Oyster Bar in NYC. Oyster shells are sent straight from the restaurant to Six Point to a create a big, bold, mineral-laced stout.

Spice of Life Series – Cascade (IPA)

Spice of Life Series – Chinook (IPA)

Spice of Life Series – Amarillo (IPA)

These are three releases from a year-round effort aimed at educating hoppy beer fans on the qualities of specific hops. Each month, Six Point releases a single-hopped IPA paying tribute to a specific variety. Full Release Schedule Here

Belgian IPA – Expect this to be sharp, a bit dry, and full of hops. One of my favorite styles that I’m sure Six Point nailed.

Catch & Brass (Pale Ale)

El Barrio (Brown Ale) – A session brown leaning towards the hoppier side.

Bark Ale (Red Ale) – A red ale brewed exclusively, until now, for Bark Hot Dogs in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Little Wisco (Kolsch) –  I’m a fan of any brewer that tackles this style.  This Koslch is an homage to the owner’s home state of Wisconsin.

Growler (Mild)

Mad Scientists Series #4 (Witbier) – A traditional witbier with hibiscus that seems to be slighty tart.

Old Krusher (Barleywine) – A big and boozy American barleywine. Proceed with caution.


Bengali Tiger (IPA) – Their flagship IPA loaded with hops and sweet malts.

Sweet Action (Cream Ale) – #1 cream ale in the world per Beer Advocate and obviously a great representation of a fairly obscure style.

Brevity (Witbier) – A slightly tart and dry Belgian witbier.

Little Buzzz (Saison) – Classic saison with a touch of honey. Should be interesting to see how it stacks up to the other saisons in the DC market.

Filling Station (Belgian Pale Ale)

Brownstone (Brown Ale) – Named after a popular style of architecture in Brooklyn, this brown ale has a slight hint of coffee and subtle sweetness. Basically everything you want in a brown ale.

Mad Scientists Series #3 (DoppelSticke) – Stronger than a traditional alt, this should be similar to a brown ale with dark fruit and caramel character, kind of similar to an Old Ale.

Gemini (Double IPA) – A beast of a beer coming in at 95ish IBU and 10.8 % ABV. This citrus forward IPA is smooth and goes down way to well for being so big.

Otis (Oatmeal Stout) – Brewed with a significant amount of oats creating a super smooth stout.

Righteous (Rye Ale) – Amber, almost brown, rye ale. Rye creates a big body with a bit of spice and a clean finish.

The Crisp (German Pilsener) – Gotta love the name on this one. Love when craft brewers take the time to lager.

Autobahn (IPA) – Plenty of citrus and tropical fruit notes on this west coast style IPA. A bit malty for the style, but balanced all-around.

Bills Burger (ESB) – ESB brewed exclusively for Bill’s Burger in NYC.

Mad Scientists Series #6 (IPA wet/dry hopped) – Perfect time of year for this wet hopped IPA.

Little Frankie’s  (Pale Ale) – A citrus forward, nice and easy drinking APA.

Meatball Ale (Red Wheat Ale) – A wheat brewed exclusively for The Meatball Shop in the lower east side of NYC. Not a whole lot of info here, but this should be one of the more interesting beers from Six Point.

Shiso – Mad Scientists Series #5 (Belgian Golden Ale) – “A Belgian golden ale with German hops  brewed with an exotic herb that grows right on the Six Point brewery rooftop: shiso.” So awesome we are getting so many Six Point offerings that have barely seen light of day.

Vienna Pale Ale (Vienna Lager) – We believe this one is actually a lager. Should be a toasty, slightly sweet while finishing cleaning. The name leads me to think this might be an overhopped Vienna lager…?

Signal (Smoked IPA) – A hybrid style of sorts that is almost a rauchbier. Think of this as a slightly smoked IPA with both key components playing nicely together.

Stay tuned because on Monday we give you the full lineup of events, and boy are there a lot of them!