Great Lakes remains one of the more active breweries in the DC craft beer scene. Fresh (well, kind of fresh since it was two weeks ago) off of a DC Beer Week 2011 where they had an event every night, this week with two events.

First, on Tuesday, August 30, Great Lakes will tap a sixtel of Bourbon Barrel Aged Blackout Stout at Meridian Pint. Some of you may remember that this beer ended up falling through during DC Beer Week. Well, it’s here now! The sixtel gets tapped at 5pm and will not last long, so if you’re at all interested in trying out this rare beer, be sure to get there early or at least on time.

Next, on Thursday, September 1, Great Lakes will takeover the taps at Cleveland Park’s Nanny O’Briens. You probably haven’t seen Nanny’s on DCBeer that often, but you will going forward. They’re developing a pretty strong craft beer program up there. In any event, Great Lakes will be featuring all kinds of seasonals and year-round beers at Nanny’s. While supplies last, steal the Great Lakes pint that your beer comes in!

That’s all for Great Lakes this week. Be sure to get some delicious Blackout Stout if you’re anywhere near Meridian Pint on Tuesday night!